Photos from The Medieval Longsword

Guy Windsor
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This zip file includes over 380 photos from the book, plus an additional 100+ BONUS pictures.

These images were all taken by Jari Juslin, in Helsinki in 2012, for my book The Medieval Longsword. I hereby release them, with Jari’s permission, under a Creative Commons Attribution license. This means you are free to use them in any way, so long as the source is acknowledged. You can read the details here:

I have named the images according to where they appear in the book, by page number, and by letter. I hope the arrangement is clear. This is intended to help people who already have the book, especially in hard copy, as the printed image is never as clear as the one on the screen. I have left them uncropped, because it seemed a mad amount of work to crop them.

I have also included over 100 bonus images; pictures either intended for the next longsword book, or that just didn’t make the cut for this one, due to space or other considerations.

If you don’t have the book yet, please go to where you can find links to all the major online booksellers, and buy it!

You might also find my online Longsword course useful; you can find it here:!

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  • Photos from The Medieval Longsword

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  • Photos from The Medieval Longsword
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Photos from The Medieval Longsword

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