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The Armizare Workbook, Part One: Beginner's Course LH pre-order

Guy Windsor

LIMITED PRINT PRE-ORDER: ebook and print of the Left Handed version

Do you want to learn authentic medieval Italian martial arts and knightly combat?

With a training partner, some simple equipment, and this innovative workbook, you can.

Incorporating over 40 video clips, text instruction, and many images, this workbook is the most up-to-date way to learn the ancient art of Armizare. Armizare is the Italian word for the Art of Arms, as taught by Fiore dei Liberi in his extraordinary treatise The Flower of Battle, written in about 1400. 

It is challenging to learn directly from the manuscript, so let the acclaimed and respected researcher, practitioner and teacher Dr. Guy Windsor make it easier for you with this workbook, which includes:

  • Basic warm-ups
  • Footwork
  • Wrestling
  • Attacks and defences with the dagger
  • Attacks and Defences with the longsword

As well as background information on Fiore himself, the book he wrote, and details on how to practise the Art. Everybody learns differently, so there are options presented at various points in the workbook, allowing you to choose what to practise next, based on your interests. There are many paths up the mountain, and with this workbook you get to choose your own. The video clips include instruction for both right and left handers. The printed workbooks include abundant space for writing notes, and are available for both right and left-handers. 

The workbook is organised into eight classes, for you to take at your own pace. Every movement and technique is clearly described, with images from Fiore’s manuscript, and links to video clips showing you the technique in action.

Join Guy as he teaches you…

Unarmed techniques

The four guards of Abrazare (wrestling)

The first six plays of abrazare

The four steps (footwork)

The three turns (footwork)

With the Dagger

The four blows of the dagger

Disarms against forehand, backhand, and rising dagger thrusts

Counters to the disarms

Arm locks and counters

How to fall safely

A basic takedown/throw

With the Longsword

Six ways to hold the longsword

The seven blows of the longsword

How to parry and strike

How to counter the parry with a pommel strike

How to counter the pommel strike

The exchange of thrusts

Breaking the thrusts

Training on the pell

And above all you will learn how to train safely and effectively. Guy has spent the last 20+ years developing his approach to learning and teaching this art, so you are in safe and expert hands.

Begin your journey into historical martial arts today with this ground-breaking Armizare workbook.

The text and video contents are finished. The book is in layout now, and due to be available at the beginning of May. You will get the ebook the moment it is ready, and your print edition about six weeks later depending on the print and shipping times.

About Guy:

The founder of The School of European Swordsmanship in Helsinki, Finland, Dr. Guy Windsor is acclaimed and respected both as a teacher and a pioneering researcher of medieval and renaissance martial arts.

Awarded a PhD by Edinburgh University for his seminal work recreating historical combat systems, Dr. Windsor has authored numerous books considered classics treatises on the art of swordsmanship, traveled the world as an in-demand teacher and lecturer, and even developed the card game Audatia – bringing the thrills of historic swordfighting to the modern gaming audience.

Now, Dr. Windsor splits his time between analyzing records detailing historical arms, armor, and fighting methods; writing about or teaching those same styles and methods to students all over the world.

When not teaching, writing, or practicing, you might find him speaking as a guest on popular writing and fighting podcasts, filming how-to videos for audiences trying to hone their swordfighting skills, or (occasionally) just spending time with family and friends, or in his backyard doing woodworking. 

But wherever he is, you can always find him at his website: SwordSchool.Com

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The Armizare Workbook, Part One: Beginner's Course LH pre-order